Free install of WordPress 4.4.2 security update

Today WordPress announced version 4.4.2 as a security release. WordPress 4.4.1 and earlier include several vulnerabilities that will allow hackers complete access to your website’s admin panel. On top of that, 17 bugs, that appeared in the previous version, have been fixed as well.

Why you must update to WordPress 4.4.2

As all previous WordPress versions are recognized as being vulnerable, updating your website to version 4.4.2 is a must. If a hacker can access your website, they also have full control over your website’s database. On top of that, they can use your website and server to access other websites as well. They can accomplish this by installing software on your server and attack your visitors by implementing some code on their computer.

How was it detected?

Apparently, the vulnerability was detected by the creators of the Wordfence security plugin. They sourced the hacker group down to Vietnam. On their website, you can see a demonstration video of how the hack works and how it affects your website data if attacked. Apparently it will provide hackers with 43 attack tools that include a brute force FTP hack tool, A Facebook attacker, a WordPress attacker and other tools to confiscate vulnerable information.

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Free update to WordPress 4.4.2

We can’t say it enough: If you haven’t done so, you better update immediately to the new 4.4.2 version of WordPress. The websites of all Data Roots customers have been updated to the new version. If you’re not a customer of us, don’t hesitate to ask us to have your website updated to the newest version. This service is completely free and without any obligations. Just because we want the web to be a safe place for us all. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thank you!

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