What Is MarTech and How Can It Help Your Startup?

As a startup owner, there is a great possibility that you have heard about MarTech. If you haven’t, you will be surprised to find out that you are already using some of the MarTech solutions. And if you have, do you fully understand its potential?

MarTech is basically every digital tool you use for marketing. Still unclear? If your site is a standard CMS (Content Management System, such as WordPress for example), you are using MarTech. If you use an email client to send emails to customers, it’s also MarTech. What about the interface you use to keep track of your clients? You guessed it, MarTech.

You must be thinking that some of these are technologies, right? But they also do not quite fit under the marketing part. And this is where you are wrong. You no longer market just the product, but the entire experience your customers have with your brand and your service. And MarTech is here to make that experience even better for the customers.


As mentioned above, all the technology you use to get the customers to you is a part of your marketing strategy. A good way to achieve this is to have a great CMS that will allow you to constantly update and improve your content. Why? Because content is king.

Long gone are the days where one could push their marketing messages to their potential customer and expect a good conversion rate. Today, a potential client will come to you because they are interested in what you have to say. Great content will also provide a better SEO (for which there are also numerous MarTech tools), which will give you more visibility in search engine results.


Having attracted visitors with your content, the next step is to analyze the data retrieved from your visitors in order to gain a better understanding of their demographics and online habits. Google Analytics is one option, but you can also choose among other free monitoring tools, which is especially useful if you use social media accounts for marketing your site.

When you gather the data, you can analyze what type of content and what kind of offers are most likely to turn your visitors into potential customers. At this stage, it is advisable to hire a digital agency to help you sort out the information as it might get overwhelming.

So, MarTech helps you better understand people who come to your site and make a customized offer or send tailored content via another form of MarTech (email services, such as MailChimp).


After you have done all this, you now have potential customers that are interested in what you have to offer. They might call or send an email. This is where another MarTech tool steps in – CRM (no more new acronyms, we promise), which stands for Customer Relationship Management. One of the more famous ones is Salesforce, just to give you an idea.

As we said before, your marketing effort does not end with a customer asking for a price. Oh, no. Now the potential customer wants for their needs to come first and hate explaining their problem over and over again. A good CRM will enable you to keep track of all your potential customers, their needs, might also include how they have come to you (Google search, etc.), and ownership of the opportunity (client’s interest might be identified as an opportunity for you).

Some of them might even offer the possibility to produce (as well as store) certain documents related to the inquiry, giving you more time to dedicate your time to some other ventures.
And if the customer comes back to you, CRM allows you to keep track of them and treat them accordingly, which can only enhance the user experience. Remember, this is what counts the most at the end.

To summarize, there are a lot of MarTech tools available out there – their goal is to help you bring visitors to your site or commerce, gain better understanding of their needs and assist them in their purchase experience. Marketing can no longer afford to be saying to potential customers what they need, anticipate your clients’ needs and try to attract them and keep them satisfied.

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