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About the project

Visual & written storytelling that illuminates the distinct character of people & brands. Vancouver Photographer & Copywriter for fun-loving humans intended on keeping it real.

Together with marketing agency Plant a Flag we designed and developed a custom website for Kim Kosta. This time we did not have to hire a copywriter because Kim is a copywriting expert herself.

We created custom post types with taxonomy filters that allow for easy filtering and organizing of content. Kim has full control over all her content and can update through a visual editor.

We also created galleries where Kim can showcase her photo work by just uploading the images and drag them into place.

The Calendly integration makes it possible for customer to book an appointment directly with Kim, or they can approach her via the custom developed contact form.

We also optimized the loading time of Kim’s website and achieved an A-status, which equals the best result possible:

Website loading time improvements