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About the project

CP Support Canada is a place where you can ask questions, connect with families facing similar challenges and gain insight to help a child with cerebral palsy thrive.

Together with marketing agency Plant a Flag we developed a website for CP Support Canada. This website is custom designed and built in a solid WordPress framework.

We created custom post types and custom filters that will help the customer to easily manage, organize, and update their content. We created dynamic templates that will automatically be assigned to each post type. This means that the design will automatically apply to newly created content. This website will serve the customer for many years.

The bursary application form that we built has the option for customers to upload a video. The video will be stored in the database and the customer will receive an email with download link so it will not clutter up their inbox.

We also helped with website loading time optimizations, with the following result:

CP support website loading time